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Publishing Coach

Take your career as an author to the next level with help from our coaching service. 

You found the time to write. You worked hard and finally finished your book. You achieved your first goal toward success. Now you're discovering that you need to learn the business side of being an author. How do you find a balance with all that goes into publishing and promoting your book? Where do you begin?  

Are you an author who has a book out or is about to have one published but have no idea what to do once it’s in the marketplace?

Are you an author looking at traditional publishers but aren't sure what to do now?

Are you an author who wants to self-publish, but with all the options available, you have no idea where to start?

Does being a hybrid author sound like something you would like to do? Here you are traditionally published and want to create assets that you control, so self-publishing is the next logical step to pursue.

Are you so focused on your book that stepping out of the creative role and into the business role of publishing seems like a daunting task? 

Is information overload (classes, conferences, books, magazines, Web sites) overwhelming you and keeping you from moving forward?

Are you tired of procrastinating? 

Are you ready to see where your book can take your career?

Are you ready to build your brand?

Do you need someone to point you in the right direction and support you along the way?

What are you waiting for? Sign up for your coaching program today.

Our coaching service is for writers who are serious about the craft and committed to taking the steps to be successful. In this dynamic coaching program, your goals will be mapped out and a personal Publishing Action Plan will be created for you. You focus on the creative part and we focus on the business part of your career. 

Take your career as an author to the next level with help from our coaching service. 

Career mapping includes:

- An author questionnaire to fill out and return so we have time to review more information about you, your book, and your goals before the phone session.

- One-hour phone session to go into detail about your goals as an author.

- Your personal Publishing Action Plan. Navigate your way to success with manageable tasks that you can perform each day.

- One-hour follow-up phone session one month later to check in on your progress.

- Unlimited support by email for 3 months (starts the day you receive your Publishing Action Plan).

Questions asked for a successful Publishing Action Plan:

1) Are you interested in traditional publishing or self-publishing?

2) What category does your book fit into (this will be narrowed down in your plan)?

3) Who is your target audience (this will be reviewed and targeted in your plan)? 

4) What are your publishing goals?

5) Where are you right now and where do you want to be a year from now?

6) How much time do you have to devote to your career as an author?

7) What are your strengths and how can we draw from them for maximum success?

8) Do you have a current platform that will benefit your future?

9) Are you currently involved in any marketing activities that can help with your book launch? Do you belong to any social networking sites? If you're using social media, are you focusing on selling or relationship-building?

10) Have you been involved in book promotion in the past? What are the areas where you were challenged and where did you have success?

11) Decide which of the following you are interested in:

- book tours

- an online presence

- consulting

- speaking engagements

- building revenue around your book by becoming an expert in your field

- building a career around being an author of several books

-  creating special products and services around your book

And finally, based on your answers above and what is discussed in the phone meeting, the specific areas you need to target when marketing your book will be provided. Some authors will go in all directions when it comes to promoting their books, and without focus, burnout occurs.

Your marketing channels will be based on your expertise, comfort level, and available time, along with your goals. We'll select the ones that will benefit you the most so you don't waste time or effort where it's not needed. 

Gain the information you need to succeed as an author. Learn the essential tools to stay in the game, get motivated, and finally enjoy the recognition of being a published author. 

Invest in your writing career today and push through the roadblocks that are keeping you from reaching your publishing goals.


$1,495.00 (includes two phone sessions, career mapping, publishing action plan, and email support)

Additional Services

Single coaching session (phone consultation) $200/hour

Contact us today to get started.