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Manuscript Evaluation

Are you finished with your manuscript, but not sure if it’s ready for publication? 

Are you a writer ready to take that leap and become an author?  

Do you want to hold your book in your hands and say, "Finally, I'm a published author"? 

The quality of your book is important. After working countless hours on your manuscript, rushing to get it into the marketplace is probably the first thing on your mind. You worked hard, and now you want to see the finished product. But that manuscript may need a checkup to see if it meets the standards of other books on the market in the same category. Receiving helpful editorial feedback moves your book another step forward in the publishing process.

A manuscript evaluation is a 5-15 page report targeting areas of your manuscript that can be improved to give your book an advantage in the marketplace. Your work is assessed, strengths and weaknesses are noted through constructive comments, and a professional overview of your book will be made. You will then have the opportunity to decide if you want to make the recommended changes to your book or hire an editor to polish your manuscript. If you feel your book only needs editing, then learn more about our book editing service.

A manuscript evaluation is an invaluable tool to make sure the book you release into the world is the best it can be.

Manuscript Evaluation

A manuscript evaluation is an invaluable tool when you encounter the following:

-  You know revisions need to be made but need feedback on where to make these changes.

-  You're unsure if your book is ready for publishing.

-  You're about to publish your first book.

-  You want to make sure the book you release into the world is the best it can be.

Manuscript evaluation questions include the following:

1) Is author's voice clearly present? 

2) Does the story or information fit the category the book falls into?

3) Is the story or information provided consistent throughout the manuscript?

4) Organization: Are the chapters in the correct order? Does the material seem scattered?

5) Does the manuscript have a clear beginning, middle, and end?

6) Does the reader leave with questions unanswered (this may work for a fiction series)?

7) Will the target audience find the story interesting or information valuable?

8) For nonfiction: Does the author sound credible? 

9) For fiction: Is the story original? Are the characters believable? Is there enough conflict? 

10) Is your book better than the competition? What can be done to make it better?

Before the manuscript evaluation begins, your book will be read carefully, sometimes twice. An in-depth analysis is prepared specifically for your book. After that, you'll receive recommendations on areas that need work. The work you'll need to do may be intensive or could be as simple as tweaking here and there. These will only be suggestions and are not required changes. 

When you review the report you may decide to make a few changes or all of them. If the report suggests that your manuscript be edited, you can choose to hire your own editor or select our editorial services. This is entirely your decision.

Authors can easily get tunnel vision when working on a manuscript because of the time involved. Is your manuscript ready for publishing? Should you go back to it and do so more work? The latter is probably something you don't want to hear, but it will help you create the best book possible. Your book is part of your brand, so you need to be happy with the final results. 

A manuscript evaluation takes 7-21 business days.


$495.00 (manuscripts under 100k words)

$695.00 (manuscripts 100k - 200k words)

$895.00 (manuscripts 200k words - 300k words)

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