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Book Editing

Your road map to a polished manuscript.

The editing process includes reviewing the manuscript for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. The content is reviewed for clarity and consistency. Suggestions will be made where areas can be improved (word choice, sentence structure, organization, flow, and transitions). 

Each manuscript is carefully edited. If you're planning to work with a traditional publisher or follow the route of an indie author, you can feel confident that you are presenting your best work. First impressions count. Make it a good one with professional editing.


-  You'll have a polished manuscript.

-  Your voice won’t get lost.

-  Your image is important and you can protect that image by making sure your book is published without spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors.

-  We’ll make sure your story or message is conveyed to your reader.

-  With a solid book, you’ll increase your recognition as an author in your field of expertise.

-  Editing improves the quality of your product (your book).

-  Having your work professionally edited gives you an advantage over those who skip this valuable step in the publishing process.

-  Traditional publishers will take your work seriously once they see you've had it professionally edited.

-  Investing in editing is an investment in your career.

-  You focus on the creative work and let us focus on the technical details.


-  We only edit full manuscripts (novellas, novels, biographies, memoirs, fiction, nonfiction).

-  Editing takes 5-30 business days (depending on the length of the manuscript).

-  We only take on a certain number of manuscripts each month, so contact us today to reserve your spot on our calendar.

-  Submit a copy of your manuscript in a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) for editing. Keep the original copy for your records.

-  "Track Changes" will be turned on so you can review the edits one by one (here you can accept or reject each edit).

-  Margin comments are included.

-  This service is for copyediting and line editing.

-  The cost includes two read-throughs and a one-time edit of the manuscript. 

-  Submit final manuscript before editing begins.

We don't offer packages or complicated menu pricing. We have two services, one for fiction and nonfiction authors, and the other is for smaller projects. 


-  $0.03 per word (includes 3 months of email support)

-  250 words per page | over 20,000 words (under 20k falls under project editing)

For a quote on your project, contact us with a description of your book and word count. Have your manuscript ready as an email attachment to send in once we confirm receipt of your project. At this point, we'll send you a quote (flat fee) for editorial services.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have before the initial review of your manuscript. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you with your project.